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2017 Oscars: First Oscar Predictions of the 2016-2017 Season (March 2016)



The first predictions of the top 6 categories from the NEW Gold Rush Gang are here and right now Paramount Pictures’ Silence tops the pack in Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor (Liam Neeson) while Sundance hit Manchester by the Sea scores two #1s, Best Actor (Casey Affleck) and Best Supporting Actress (Michelle Williams).

Ruth Negga (Loving) heads the leading ladies with Viola Davis (Fences) on her heels. We’re also seeing the possibility for some Oscar comebacks from Annette Bening (20th Century Women) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Beat-up Little Seagull). Watch for expanded predictions in the coming weeks and follow the up-to-the-minute predictions from the Gang right here. Also, enjoy the first podcast of the new season, recording yesterday and featuring myself and new Gold Rush Gang member Júlia Albuquerque.

Here are the March 2016 Oscar Predictions from the Gold Rush Gang (click image to enlarge):

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - Picture

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - Director

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - Actor

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - Actress

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - S. Actor

March 2017 Oscar Predictions - S. Actress

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  1. Ben Affleck and Andrew Garfield will get acting nominations? When did they learn to act? Hope springs eternal…

    • Ron Loren Pitts™

      Erm…. Casey Affleck already HAS a nomination… Read a book friend.

      • CASEY Affleck isn’t the alleged nominee I object to. He’s a talented actor. It’s his horrifically untalented brother BEN. Ben may be a fairly good director (though severely overrated) but Ben can’t act to save his life so it is very surprising people on here voted for him as a possible acting nominee.

        “Read a book, huh?” I could suggest you read posts before responding.