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2018 Oscar Nomination Predictions

Best Foreign Language Film

Bryan BonafedeGreg HowardEvan
Jason OsiasonKenneth
Denizcan SürücüRichard
Şükrü SöğütMatt DinnTOTAL
1Israel - Foxtrot1111111111100
2Russia - Loveless222222232289
3France - BPM (Beats Per Minute)456594426560
4Cambodia - First They Killed My Father377888373848
4Germany - In the Fade765646787648
6Sweden - The Square6833638447
7Lebanon - The Insult8344569346
8South Africa - The Wound545544941
9Chile - A Fantastic Woman9877795729
10Palestine - Wajib3109
11Norway - Thelma967
12Hungary - On Body and Soul56
13Iran - Breath99105
14Estonia - November83
15Argentina - Zama92
15Netherlands - Layla M.92
Afghanistan - A Letter to the President
Albania - Daybreak
Algeria - Road to Istanbul
Armenia - Yeva
Australia - The Space Between
Austria - Happy End
Azerbaijan - Pomegranate Orchard
Bangladesh - The Cage
Belgium - Racer and the Jailbird
Bolivia - Dark Skull
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Men Don’t Cry
Brazil - Bingo: The King of the Mornings
Bulgaria - Glory
Canada - Hochelaga, Land of Souls
China - Wolf Warrior 2
Colombia - Guilty Men
Costa Rica - The Sound of Things
Croatia - Quit Staring at My Plate
Czech Republic - Ice Mother
Denmark - You Disappear
Dominican Republic - Woodpeckers
Ecuador - Alba
Egypt - Sheikh Jackson
Finland - Tom of Finland
Georgia - Scary Mother
Greece - Amerika Square
Haiti - Ayiti Mon Amour
Honduras - Morazán
Hong Kong - Mad World
Iceland - Under the Tree
India - Newton
Indonesia - Turah
Iraq - Reseba: The Dark Wind
Ireland - Song of Granite
Italy - A Ciambra
Japan - Her Love Boils Bathwater
Kazakhstan - The Road to Mother
Kenya - Kati Kati
Kosovo - Unwanted
Kyrgyzstan - Centaur
Lao People’s Democratic Republic - Dearest Sister
Latvia - The Chronicles of Melanie
Lithuania - Frost
Luxembourg - Barrage
Mexico - Tempestad
Mongolia - The Children of Genghis
Morocco - Razzia
Mozambique - The Train of Salt and Sugar
Nepal - White Sun
New Zealand - One Thousand Ropes
Pakistan - Saawan
Panama - Beyond Brotherhood
Paraguay - Los Buscadores
Peru - Rosa Chumbe
Philippines - Birdshot
Poland - Spoor
Portugal - Saint George
Romania - Fixeur
Senegal - Félicité
Serbia - Requiem for Mrs. J.
Singapore - Pop Aye
Slovakia - The Line
Slovenia - The Miner
South Korea - A Taxi Driver
Spain - Summer 1993
Switzerland - The Divine Order
Syria - Little Gandhi
Taiwan - Small Talk
Thailand - By the Time It Gets Dark
Tunisia - The Last of Us
Turkey - Ayla: The Daughter of War
Ukraine - Black Level
United Kingdom - My Pure Land
Uruguay - Another Story of the World
Venezuela - El Inca
Vietnam - Father and Son


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  1. Well, ok, let’s fix for future (if you don’t mind): #13, 8 pts, 1 mention (Jason) for “Call Me By Your Name” (12.03.2017)

  2. Why exactly ‘The Current War’ has advantage over ‘Mary Magdalene’ ? Given that November is release date for MM and December for the ‘War” we can conclude that ‘Mary Magdalene’ is the favorite of TWC for next season.

    • Those release dates are definitely significant. It’s also early and TWC has notoriously moved their dates around before locking them down. Look at Burnt or The Founder. We won’t know their true #1 until probably summer time.

      • That’s right. In 2015, after Cannes premiere ‘Carol’ was TWC’s choice for December but in July (or August), the movie got November release date. We’ll see what will happen this summer with MM and ‘War’.

  3. Don’t understand your faith in Joe Wright (“Darkest Hour”) in directing category. So let’s fix it:
    #5, 55 pts, 9 mentions (gingerly kudos for Bryan) (12.04.2017)

  4. Are these rankings based on solely the cast and director? Meaning the more Oscar nominated/winners on an upcoming movie the higher the rating, or is there something else to it? Now I didn’t see your 2017 predictions but based off of this I would say that Moonlight was prob rated very low?

    • We take every possible thing into account for rankings. Director, cast, subject, studio, release date, subject matter, anything relevant. Moonlight was mid-low in early 2016 but built quickly by end of summer/pre fall, ahead of most predictors on the web.