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Marc van de Klashorst is a Dutch IT consultant with a big interest in film. As such, he is a member of the International Cinephile Society, for which he reports on film festivals and writes articles and film reviews. In the AwardsWatch community, Marc is responsible for all the tech stuff, but he will occasionally post as well.

2015 Oscars: American Sniper takes a shot at box-office records

At an estimated, jaw-dropping $90.2 million, American Sniper’s opening weekend ranks among the most perplexing, mind-boggling box office stories in modern Hollywood history. It’s the kind of number that shatters all precedence and creates its own, one that will make it nearly impossible to predict where the movie goes from here. Why is this so shocking? How high can it …

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American Sniper Shoots Down Selma in ACE Eddie Nominations

Now that the haze of champagne has worn off, it’s time to get back to business. It’s guilds time! Kicking off the industry’s parade of branch-specific awards today was the American Cinema Editors guild, who released their nominations in four categories today for the award with the cutest name of the season, the ACE Eddie Award. The most important ones …

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Critics roundup, part 6: The Stragglers

The year draws to an end, and so does our series on the lower rung critics organizations, with Florida, Las Vegas, and Nevada weighing in with their winners. Fatigue is kicking in, and we certainly hope not more of these groups come forward (though we will duly report on them, don’t fret). So it’s time for a recap of at …

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Critics roundup, part 5: Because Phoenix really needs two awards

We’re nearing the end of this series, we think. How many critics organizations can be left, right? Well, they are starting to throw us curveballs now. Starting this year, the city of Phoenix, Arizona (population: 1.5 million) deems it necessary to have not one, but two critics organizations dole out awards. Okay, we’ll bite. And we will be nice, since …

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Critics roundup, part 4: Beyond our borders

For this installment of our roundup series, we look across US borders to some international critics organizations, more specifically those in Toronto and London, but we also have the fine folks from Houston and Florida in our midst. The London Film Critics Circle is interesting to watch, because much like BAFTA, they have separate categories for ‘Best British’, so keep …

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Critics roundup, part 3: Super Monday!

Critics of America, what is this? This is not the general election. Is this your Super Monday? On Monday, seemingly all critics group collectively decided to announce their winners for 2014. Detroit, San Diego (a.k.a. The Nightcrawlers), St. Louis, Indiana, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the Onnine Film Critics. That’s a whole lot of winners. Of course it’s Boyhood and Birdman all …

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Critics roundup, part 2: SF, KC, DC, and Chicago

  We’re on our second critics roundup, and some of these groups are moving so fats that we already have winners (thanks for blitzing us, San Fran). Most of the usual suspects are there, with Boyhood and Birdman getting citations all over the place, and Julianne Moore finally showing up with critics groups for her performance in Still Alice, which …

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Critics Roundup, part 1: San Diego, St. Louis, Detroit

The Grand Budapest Hotel

After the announcements in the past week by critics heavyweights NYFCC and LAFCA, the avalanche of smaller critics societies is slowly building. Although we of course respect them all (no, really, we do), most of these are not deemed influential enough to warrant their own posts, so we will sweep the together in small batches. Sometimes these people are in …

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Boxtrolls Dominate Annie Awards Nominations

While most awards pundits kept their eyes glued on the NYFCC today (or at least their Twitter account), the animators guild quietly revealed their own set of nominations today. This article would be far too lengthy if we would list all of their 327 categories, but we can say that Focus Features’ The Boxtrolls took in a big haul with …

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