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2015/2016 Predictions

Why Johnny Depp and Black Mass Might Not Be the Oscar Bet Pundits Think It Is

  It happens every season, the fall festivals start rolling out and those first out of the gate get the prime spots for Oscar pundits to start putting their prediction ducks in a row. This season Black Mass emerged as a serious candidate (to some) and specifically Johnny Depp for his portrayal of real-life gangster turned informant Whitey Bulger. “Comeback!” ...

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Gold Rush Gang 2016 Oscar Predictions: ORIGINAL SCORE, MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING, VISUAL EFFECTS (August)

Next up in the Gold Rush Gang’s 2016 Oscar predictions are three categories that always come with eligibility stipulations and sometimes controversy. Accusations of cronyism, bake-offs and shortlists rule Original Score, Makeup & Hairstyling and Visual Effects in a way that other categories (save the committees for Foreign Language Film and Documentary Feature, those have even deeper roots of controversy) ...

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2016 Oscar Predictions: PRODUCTION DESIGN, COSTUME DESIGN, CINEMATOGRAPHY aka The Coffee Table Awards

What used to be referred to as ‘The Coffee Table Awards’ back in the earlier days of Oscar watching have become much more extravagant and interesting. The 90s, chock full of prestigious period pieces like Shakespeare in Love, Restoration and The Madness of King George dominated the Production Design (then Art Direction) category. The 00s made room for musicals with contained set ...

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