Best Film Editing

2018 Oscar Predictions: FILM EDITING and CINEMATOGRAPHY (November)

Dunkirk stays locked onto the #1 spot in Film Editing once again. This is always an interesting category because the winner usually falls into one of two (or sometimes both) categories: a major action film or the Best Picture winner. At them moment, Dunkirk hits both of those. It’s a category that has also often favored longer films (2 hours ...

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2018 Oscar Predictions: FILM EDITING, SOUND EDITING, SOUND MIXING (October)

These are the official 2018 Oscar Predictions in Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing for October from the Gold Rush Gang. Keep an eye on all of the Gold Rush Gang’s 2018 Oscar predictions updated LIVE throughout the month. Green – moves up from last month Red – moves down from last month Blue – debut/new entry FILM EDITING ERIK ANDERSON BRYAN BONAFEDE GREG HOWARD ...

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