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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (July)


Unlike Best Supporting Actor we are seeing some action here in Best Supporting Actress this month from last month. Even though the #1 and #2 spots stay the same, Moonlight‘s Naomie Harris is inching closer to Manchester by the Sea‘s Michelle Williams for that top spot and in doing so is the first to give us the start of a ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (July)


The top 5 in Best Supporting Actor this month mirrors last month with even very little movement in point totals. Summer is definitely a stagnant time for Oscar predictions and looking at this chart explains why. Of the 11 performances on the chart only three have been seen and/or reviewed (Armie Hammer, The Birth of a Nation; John Goodman, 10 ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST ACTRESS (July)


Viola Davis (Fences) remains #1 in Best Actress this month, as well she should. She’s almost definitely going to win. Yes, it’s only July, blah blah. Everything is in her corner to win. She just made history last year by being the first woman of color to win the Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy, ever. There hasn’t been ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST ACTOR (July)


Best Actor is historically a category that is closely linked to Best Picture. Not always the winner but almost always at least a nomination. It also favors biopics or real life people at the center. Then there’s also the very old statistic of a Best Actor lineup that always includes at least one first-timer. When you look at those three ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST DIRECTOR (July)


Ang Lee’s Long Pre-Oscar Season Walk continues this month as he edges one point closer to Martin Scorsese (Silence) with Billy Lynn. The two Oscar-winning directors are now within two points of each other. Nate Parker (The Birth of a Nation) remains in 3rd place but inches up two points. With Jeff Nichols again in 4th with Loving, the top ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST PICTURE (July)


The July predictions for Best Picture find the top five unmoved from last month and the top three with the same vote totals as well. The announcement of Damien Chazelle’s musical La La Land opening the Venice Film Festival has the film dancing its way up to the #6 spot from #11 last month and with a 19-point jump to ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST PICTURE (June)


As in Best Director this month, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk has closed the gap between itself and Silence, which has been at #1 since our 2017 Oscar predictions began. That teaser trailer for Billy Lynn last month really did wonders as last month’s 15-point spread is now down to just two. Expect a new #1 next month. The next ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST DIRECTOR (June)

Martin Scorsese, Silence

We’re finally starting to see Martin Scorsese’s hold on the #1 spot be threatened by Ang Lee as the point spread between the two Oscar-winning director is whittled down to just four points (from 10 last month). Right now Silence and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk hold all of the #1 and #2 votes from the Gold Rush Gang and ...

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2017 Oscar Predictions: BEST ACTRESS (June)


While the top 5 remains the same from last month the order has changed. 19-time Oscar nominee and three-time winner Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins) moves up from 5 to 3 this month, also marking the biggest point jump (up 7). Viola Davis (Fences) continues her reign, increasing one more point over Ruth Negga (Loving). Although Negga is still a ...

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