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TIFF Review: ‘Freeheld,’ starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page

  We now live in an era where gays have the same rights to marriage that has been open to heterosexuals in America for longer than two hundred years. But, as little as just three months ago, this was not the case. It’s been a decade-spanning struggle, but thanks to the efforts of bold champions who tirelessly fought, we now ...

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Is The Danish Girl Sending a Dangerous Message About Trans* People?

  One only has to hear Tom Hooper and Eddie Redmayne passionately discuss the research they did in preparation for The Danish Girl to realize that they fully intended to make a film that would legitimize the struggles of transgendered people. They read scores of literature on the subject, and spent time with many trans men and women, listening to ...

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REVIEW: ‘Grandma’ (★★★½)

  Sometimes endings are beginnings. In Grandma, the new film by Paul Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy), we start at the end; the end of a relationship between the acid-tongued Elle (Lily Tomlin) and her much younger girlfriend Olivia (the never long enough used Judy Greer). “You’re a footnote,” Elle says. It’s a mortal wound, to be sure, but ...

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REVIEW: ‘Irrational Man’ (★★★)

  After a joyful return to form with 2011’s Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s slump of To Rome with Love, Blue Jasmine (yes, as great as Cate Blanchett’s performance is, this too) and Magic in the Moonlight was beginning to worry me. Were we in for a down period as long as between Small Time Crooks and Match Point? Thankfully ...

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REVIEW: ‘Southpaw’ (★★★)

  It’s hard to think of a more adventurous and versatile American actor of his generation than Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s become a chameleon of a performer; in just a year’s time he’s gone from his brilliant turn as the spindly opportunist Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler (for which he was criminally robbed of an Oscar nomination) to his off-Broadway role as ...

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REVIEW: Trainwreck (★★★½)

  In the opening scene of Trainwreck, the new film directed by Judd Apatow, two young girls are told by their father “Monogamy isn’t realistic” and they feed the line back to him as a mantra.  It’s the setup for grown-up Amy’s strict one-night stand lifestyle as an adult and the jumping off point for the funniest, smartest, most hilarious ...

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Frameline 39: Tab Hunter, I Am Michael and 6 Others to Watch

  Frameline39, the 39th San Francisco Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival is just days away and I have your list of MUST watch films and events for the 11 day event, which culminates at the Pride Festival on Sunday the 28th. ALTO (Mikki del Monico) A lesbian gangster movie? Yep, that’s right. When Francesca del Vecchio, an aspiring singer ...

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Worst Picture/Best Picture Series: Cocktail and Rainman (1988)

Cockman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Autism) Tom Cruise began his film career in 1981 and soon he became the heartthrob everyone knows him to be. Whether he’s shooting pool or shooting his M16, it’s tough not to be wooed by his pearly overbite. By the time the smash Top Gun flew in, Tom was man of the 80s. In ...

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