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Thread: Random Reading Thoughts: Y Kant I Read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sliced Peach View Post
    Thanks for the reply, Cricket! I'll look for what others have written about these two here later and look forward to read it.

    Yes, I know Hassen Khemiri. He's been mentioned a lot here in Sweden and he's been quite productive for his young age. I have only red his debute novel Ett Öga Rött, which he wrote and published before age 25. I was young when I read it so can't really vouch for its strength but I remember I liked it. I believe it was one of the biggest popular hits here that year. A few years ago he REALLY increased his visibility amongst the public when he wrote a lengthy "open letter" to a Swedish politician concerning ethnic relations in this country. It was widely debated and talked about for a looong time that year.

    I havent read his latest book Everything I Don't Remember but it was very well received and won the August-price (one of our biggest literary prices) the year it was published. I want to read it though and should probably put it higher on my list! Hassen Khemiri clearly has a bright future and Im pleased to see him having an international breakthrough of sorts.
    Thanks, Peachy! That's interesting. He's quite an accomplished playwright too, from what I gather, and has had plays produced in the US and UK. And it looks like there's LGBT content in his work, which is good to see. I've read a lot of Norwegian fiction in recent years (Knausgaard, Dag Solstad, Jon Fosse, etc), but I'm not very well-versed in Swedish literature -- basically only Strindberg and some Tomas Tranströmer poetry, tbh -- so it's nice to discover something new.

    Quote Originally Posted by haqyunus View Post
    Try Mathias Énard or Can Xue.
    Yes and yes! Can Xue is great. Vertical Motion and Frontier are really fascinating books. Yan Lianke is another Chinese writer who has been named as a possible Nobel contender. I've never read him before, so I got a copy of The Four Books.

    Right now, I'm reading Jenny Erpenbeck's Go, Went, Gone.

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    Garrison Keillor is pissed about Ishiguro winning Nobel.
    Basic by nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fassy View Post
    Yes, twice. It's truly heartbreaking. We see all her vulnerabilities.
    Yes, I read it recently and it's so beautifully unsentimental, yet heartbreaking. I'd recommend it to everyone here, even though it's not an easy reading.

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    Also, Philip Pullman's LA BELLE SAUVAGE is going to be published on 19th..anyone read the northern lights trilogy..I'm so excited to read the new book.

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