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Thread: Random Actress Thread: The Attack of the Superfelicias

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    I love when Barbra restores her films. When The Way We Were was previewed at the Bridge Theatre in San Francisco, director Sydney Pollack read some comment cards and determined the film was running too long. Borrowing a pair of scissors from the movie house manager, he excised some minutes. Audience scores improved, and the arbitrary edits remained. Streisand complained for years that the missing footage hurt her performance and cost her the Best Actress Oscar. A few years back when Streisand released the film on DVD with the restored footage she rescued, it was bliss to watch.

    Now the Oscar winner has turned her eye to A Star is Born. It was no secret that she bitterly feuded with direct Frank Pierson over the final edit. Now that he is deceased, Streisand has gone back and made her final edit now appearing on Netflix. I am delighted. So I camped out and indulged myself in a love fest for the Barbra-overseen reedit of A Star is Born. Having watched the film multiple times in the past 40 years, I am familiar with the footage. Obviously, there is the added scene where Esther plays the instrumental of "Evergreen" on her guitar and puts John Norman to sleep. The only other significant change I saw was in the concert footage of Esther performing the finale of two of John Norman's songs, "With One More Look at You" and "Watch Closely Now." The original version keeps the camera tight on Streisand throughout the production number. The new versions alternates with medium shots to allow us to watch Esther dance to the harder edged second number.

    As much as I adore Streisand, I am not fond of her dancing. She has never been a singer who excels in moving to her music. That voice is so magnificent I just want her to stand there and sing. There is a moment during the film when she rehearsing a television special and she is asked to walk down a staircase while she performs. She objects and suggests that she just stand there and sing. I agree. I just want to listen to that voice. The finale of Funny Girl has Streisand coming out of the darkness so that the camera only captures her face as her heart breaks. At the end of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, Streisand is projected into the heavens as she holds a note for an astonishing long period of time. The closing number of Yentl has Streisand move around a boat as the song is sung. When the crescendo hits, she is holding on the railing and wailing with gusto.

    Barbra doesn't dance! And these newly restored edits into A Star is Born tells us why. I adore Streisand. Hell, I have even sat through For Pete's Sake and Up The Sandbox more than once. I will need to watch A Star is Born again because I thought her robotic grinding was so forced that l felt compelled to look away. I want to see every moment.
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    For all the passionate "oomph" in the other ditties, is it wrong that my favorite song from the soundtrack is still "Queen Bee"...?
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