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Thread: The "Okja" Thread: double the Tilda, double the fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikdean View Post
    Jake was 100% perfect here. His back and forth between his 'real' voice and 'show' voice was Jekyll and Hyde level insanity. He was terrifying and hilarious.

    I loved his performance

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    Even though this made me sob, it's beautiful and worthy of being seen on the big screen. Having now watched it on Netflix, I think I might go again and see it in theaters.

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    Oh wow. This was fucking beautiful! I almost cried. On my top 3 fave of the year so far.

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    but guys! there are the crt threads!
    Quote Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
    Jlaw stans will say red sparrow
    Quote Originally Posted by tyjagi View Post
    attack Jennifer Lawrence again

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    Jake talks about the reactions to his performance:

    Blunt Force

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    Quote Originally Posted by EOLB View Post
    Jake talks about the reactions to his performance:
    It's in the so bad it's good territory

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