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Thread: The "Okja" Thread: double the Tilda, double the fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikdean View Post
    Jake was 100% perfect here. His back and forth between his 'real' voice and 'show' voice was Jekyll and Hyde level insanity. He was terrifying and hilarious.

    I loved his performance
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    Even though this made me sob, it's beautiful and worthy of being seen on the big screen. Having now watched it on Netflix, I think I might go again and see it in theaters.

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    Oh wow. This was fucking beautiful! I almost cried. On my top 3 fave of the year so far.

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    but guys! there are the crt threads!

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    Jake talks about the reactions to his performance:

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    Quote Originally Posted by EOLB View Post
    Jake talks about the reactions to his performance:
    It's in the so bad it's good territory

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    For anyone who lives in Southern California and wants to catch the film on a theatrical screen, the Digital Gym Cinema in San Diego will be doing a one-week run beginning this Friday 11/3:

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