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Thread: Girls: Season 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailSpin View Post
    Is it reductive and simplistic to say that the ultimate message of Girls is that in order to grow up you have to become a parent? LOL. Because, I mean, that's what it kind of felt like; only in becoming a mother did Hannah learn to be more mature and responsible. I guess feminists will make of that what they will (though at least she didn't need no man by her side )
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    God I will miss this show. Viewing "Latching" as an epilogue and "Goodbye Tour" as the final chapter makes both episodes more effective, I think. I also didn't read the show as saying that in order to grow up your had to become a parent. More that Hannah finally had an actual responsibility in this world.
    I'm honestly shocked that there are some people reading the finale this way. I saw one twitter reaction saying dissapointing it was to see Girls ending in such a conservative way, and I thought WTF? I guess it meant that.

    I completely disagree that the finale was trying to say you have to become a parent to grow up, mainly because: Hannah DID already grow up a lot before she became a parent. Yeah, she was still far from perfect, but at least in seasons 4 through 6, she wasn't Marnie/Jessa level obliviousness and actually tried to break her awful cycle. Her struggle of motherhood is one big symbol showing that however you might think you got your shit together, something harder will come for you. Loreen even says Hannah won't remember this part later because it only gets harder. But as long as you learn to see and accept the help and love your loved ones are giving, and you give back that love to others, you will be able to get through the hardships, no matter how impossible it seems at first. And Hannah's final expression when Grover "latched" (which in itself was an excellent metaphor) conveyed this so beautifully. This message surely becomes more effective because of Hannah being a parent but it's definitely not exclusive to that situation.

    The more I think about it the more I love the finale. I think it's perfect way to end this show that had people constantly complaining that the characters are not "growing up". I really think Girls showed one of the most realistic depictions of "growing up".
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    I don't necessarily agree with the idea that being a mother is what Hannah needed to be mature and responsible, but I did read some of the critics' takes on it, and it got me thinking about it. This piece by Richard Lawson is interesting:

    I hate how the show ended. After a run of contemplative, narratively inventive episodes, Girls closed out in disappointingly Apatovian fashion. Hannah, a complicated and inconsistent character, wound up in a dismayingly conventional place: normalized by a baby, subject to the same woes of parenthood that we’ve seen iterated time and time again, including in several other stories bearing Apatow’s signature stamp. Gone was the show’s youthful, defiant spark, snuffed out by an unfair insistence that, hey, this is where life is headed inevitably. Get used to it.

    That feels antithetical to what Girls was about for most of its run. It’s a rush job meant to locate Hannah somewhere in the adult world, one that feels less true to Dunham's youthful rebelliousness than to Apatow’s conviction, increasingly evident in his films, that marriage and child- rearing are the most validating, defining things a person can do. In a post-show breakdown that plays after the episode on HBO Go, Dunham says Apatow was “the man behind this breastfeeding plot.” I wonder where the show might have gone without his influence, if it maybe could have ended in a more transgressive, more Girls-y place—or if this was where the whole show was heading all along. Who knows!

    I don't fully agree with him, because as you say, she was "growing up" already before even getting pregnant, but I do think the idea about it being a bit too Apatow-y is interesting. I do wonder just how influential he was in steering the final episode, and if it would have been that different if it was just Jenni and Lena who wrote it


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    It's definitely an interesting look at it. I feel like Hannah is such a selfish, narcissistic character, though, that I wonder if having a baby was really the only thing shocking enough to push her fully into some semblance of adulthood. I mean, she's gone through her father coming out as gay, her best friend stealing her boyfriend (in an incredibly sociopathic way, too), propositioning her boss in order to keep a job, continually inexplicable fashion choices. I suppose they could have tackled it other ways -- maybe Loreen becomes invalid and Hannah has to move back to East Lansing to take of her?

    I get the criticism of the baby trope being overplayed and looking at it in a vacuum seeming potentially regressive, but I'm not sure what other life change would have been significant enough to force Hannah to start looking outside herself? And I like the breastfeeding metaphor in relation to a show about characters desperately trying to find something concretely theirs.

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    To say that the finale showed Hannah being finally pushed into being fully matured person is reading too much into it Like Dunham and Konner said, the main goal was to show that despite many problems of Hannah, she will be ok as a mother (and other struggle she might encounter). She will take a lot of steps back every once in a while, but she will get through. I think it's just that. And they showed this motherhood thing in the finale because um.. Hannah got pregnant in the last season? They obviously wanted to show peek of that life since it was integral part of the season. That Lawson piece seems like reading way too much into it imo.
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    Ugh. Just watched it and I'm disappointed. I can see how in a way the tone fit very well with the rest of the show - it would be strange for them to have a more conventional ending and they've always done these types of episodes. But I agree with criticisms that it had a kind of retrograde feel to it. It's hard to read that last shot any differently, than to think Hannah has just learned an Important Lesson about Motherhood. That's not the show I thought I was watching.

    It was an interesting enough choice to have Hannah go ahead with her pregnancy. On the whole I thought they did a great job of integrating it into the show, whilst still making it feel like Girls. But yeah, this kind of felt cheap and too neat for me.

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