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Thread: Survivor for Newbies

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb View Post
    The surprise wasn't just that I knew Elisabeth from this season but also Amber from The Amazing Race! But there she had Rob in tow so this should be interesting.
    Omg and you haven't even seen the first All-Stars yet where Amber and Rob meet/play together prior to Amazing Race.

    I do still think Kelly deserved to win Borneo--I liked her mix of strategy & friendliness compared to Hatch's arrogance and I think she lost because of one senselessly bitter brat and an asshole unwilling to play the game. That isn't a way anyone should lose. That being said, I think Survivor would be very different if Hatch hadn't won that first season--he solidified in concrete the value of alliance-making into the show's foundation. Had Kelly won, we may have seen people in the seasons that follow respect the strategy part of the show a little less, and who knows how the producers would have changed/manipulated Outback and/or Africa to be more dramatic.

    we'd like to report this uglee flop righT quick

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    Oh, Amber. She was such a reality tv mainstay for awhile, obviously you go into this thinking she must've made a huge impression on her debut season...

    Also, it's interesting on rewatch to remember that for the spring of 2001, Jerri Manthey was by far the most hated woman in America, and to wonder if she deserved the reputation she got. She didn't. I can see why she irritated the other players, but she wasn't that bad.

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    There's also been some debate on Greg, as to whether he actually decided based on the number, or was he always voting Rich but just wanted to screw with their heads. I could believe either one, both are consistent with his personality. I do get the impression he kind of bonded with Rich somewhat and didn't like Kelly all that much.

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