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Thread: Random Film Thoughts: Christ Stopped Right before AwardsWatch

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    Carnival of Souls **** / *****
    Good and creepy low budget 60s horror film about a woman who gets in a car accident and then starts seeing a stranger pop up wherever she goes and she has urges to go to an abandoned carnival nearby. It's got a great atmosphere to it, the uses of emptiness and shadows, plus the stalker is quite a creepy looking character (actually played by the director himself). The final act is very well done and it's got a great ending as well.

    Final Destination 2 *** / *****
    I'd only seen this once before a few years after it came out, and I didn't really like it then. I liked it a little better this time around, but it's still not as good as some of the others, I just don't really like the way the characters are written, especially the girl who survived the first one. The opening accident is pretty good of course, like all the Final Destination films, and there are some okay deaths throughout, but again, not as good as the other films, (though I did like the pigeon one). I'd have to rewatch the 4th and the 5th ones, but I know for certain that 1 and 3 are better than this.

    The Little Rascals **** / *****
    I used to watch this a bunch when I was little and it first came out, watching it now, talk about cuteness overload. The whole cast is perfect and hilarious, my favorites being Porky and Buckwheat who are just perfect together. Though I also love Darla when she crushes the can, that always makes me laugh. But really, it's hard not to like this movie, it's so harmless and funny, you've gotta be heartless not to enjoy this one. Well, it's okay if you hate Donald Trump's cameo, but other than that, the movie's great.

    The Illusionist *** 1/2 / *****
    It's been a really long time since i saw this, but it was on TV so I checked it out again. Pretty decent mystery film from 2006 starring Edward Norton as a magician around the turn of the century who wows his audiences with his incredible tricks. While the first half is good, I don't really like that the final act kind of turned into a whodunit, but it's still entertaining enough. This came out the same year as The Prestige, and I don't think I've seen that film since around the time it came out, so I can't really say which one I like better. But this one's good enough, I don't mind that I rewatched it.

    Sleepaway Camp **** 1/2 / ******
    I watched with this with a few AWers on chat and had a fun time. I love this movie so much, it's a great early 80s slasher film, cheesy dialogue but the characters are pretty memorable and extremely 80s. It was great watching it with some people who had no idea about the ending (I'm still surprised there are people that haven't had the ending spoiled). At least compared to other camp slasher films, there are actually kids at the camp and not 20 something year olds acting like teenagers. Anyway, I love this movie, a classic ending, and the sequel is hysterical.

    Colossal *** 1/2 / *****
    Clever movie written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo (who made the excellent Oscar nominated short 7:35 in the Morning) starring Anne Hathaway as an alcoholic who returns to her childhood home and discovers that whenever she visits the local park at a certain time she makes a Godzilla-like monster appear in Seoul, South Korea. It's a creative film, a fun premise on the monster movie genre. Anne Hathaway does a good job here and while I also thought Jason Sudeikis did a good job as well, I'm not quite sure I liked the way his character went in the second half of the film, it seemed a little too cliched and wasn't a very good shift in his character. Still, I liked the movie, it had a good effects, and I was interested the whole time.

    Willard *** / *****
    I saw this several years ago, but it was on TV the other day so I checked it out again. Starring a very young Bruce Davison as the title character, he works for mean Ernest Borgnine and has to take care of his annoying mother Elsa Lanchester in their huge house. One day Willard finds a rat in the backyard, befriends it, and soon becomes the owner of dozens and dozens of other rats. Davison does a good job here, I wonder how many takes they had to do with rats on screen. But really apart from the final act, not much happens with the rats. I only saw the remake with Crispin Glover when it was in theaters and haven't seen it since, but something tells me it's a better movie than the original. This just isn't much of a horror movie, it needed a bigger body count and need more rat attacks. I haven't seen the sequel Ben yet, I'll try to check it out soon. I also wanna check out the remake again sometime.

    The Dream Team *** / *****
    Pretty good late 80s comedy starring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, and Stephen Furst as four mental patients who are given a day away from the hospital to head into town to see a baseball game. Unfortunately, their doctor chaperone sees a crime take place and gets knocked out, leaving the four patients alone in NYC. Pretty decent set up, I liked the scenes in the hospital, but the movie isn't as funny as it could have been. While each patient did have their own amusing characteristics, unfortunately the script didn't do enough with it when they were wandering the city. To be honest, I'm thinking it would have been a funnier movie if we actually saw them go the game and stuff happened there. But whatever, there were still a few laughs, but not nearly as many as there could have been.

    Free Fire *** / *****
    So so action film about two gangs meeting in a warehouse to buy and sell guns which does not go as planned and results in a big shootout. That's literally the entire movie, it opens with them meeting to buy the guns, about 10 minutes in it fails, and the next 80 minutes is people shooting at each in the warehouse. While it's amusing at times, it gets kind of tiresome and repetitive, I mean, there are only so many times someone can get shot in the leg or arm and crawl to safety. The ensemble isn't too bad, Sharlto Copley is the only one who seems to bring a bit of life to the scenes, though Armie Hammer tries too. But really, this is pretty much a failed attempt at being a slick Reservoir Dogs. It wasn't that bad, but when it was over I just felt like I didn't need to watch it.

    Jennifer's Body *** 1/2 / *****
    I'd only seen this once before, shortly after it first came out and haven't seen it since. It's better than I remember, an amusing take on the horror/slasher films from the 80s. Amanda Seyfried is great in the lead and Megan Fox also had some fun moments too. But man, just like Juno, Diablo Cody really needs to cut back on that lingo she uses, she tries to be clever with the current teen talk, but it gets tiresome really quick and is distracting. Luckily there is enough stuff happening on screen other than the dialogue that you can kind of ignore it. I loved JK Simmons as the science teacher with the hook for a hand, and the whole flashback with the band was funny. Some good deaths too. To be honest, I probably prefer this movie to Juno, mainly because I'm just not really a fan of Juno to begin with.

    Baby Driver **** / *****
    I didn't know much about this one, but I love Edgar Wright's other films so I was looking forward to this one. Entertaining movie with a great soundtrack and very cool editing tricks. It's a pretty simple concept, Ansel Elgort is the getaway driver for heists and wants to get out of it after he falls in love with the local waitress at his favorite diner. The cast is good, Elgort is decent enough (of course you can only go up after Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent films), Spacey has played characters like this before but he's still fun here. The opening chase is pretty awesome, but I felt there was a little too much time spent on the romance part, when you've got such a great opening, you expect to have more cool parts like that, but there was quite a bit of downtime in the middle. But anyway, I liked it.

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    I rewatched Her, and man does it hold up beautifully. The central premise is more relevant now, but it's also a great romantic drama on its own. The fact that you're aching for this guy and his computer to be together is a testament to how fantastic Jonze's screenplay and direction are. Phoenix and ScarJo are top notch, and I like Adams in her small role. The score is fantastic. I hope Jonze returns with a new movie soon.
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    Apart from those 3, Olivia Wilde is award worthy in Her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eduardo Zuckerberg View Post
    Apart from those 3, Olivia Wilde is award worthy in Her.
    Her cameo is indeed lovely. I wish she would get more dramatic work like this.
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