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Thread: Random Film Thoughts: Christ Stopped Right before AwardsWatch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Leggo View Post
    Glad to see you both have this as your top Capra! I watched it again last Christmas and was, more than ever, blown away by how brilliantly tight the whole thing is. I've seen the movie a million times, but my appreciation reached another level with that viewing. It's just stunning how the story is structured and how smartly key information is communicated among the characters. The whole concept of throwing a bunch of bad things George's way to keep him forever in Bedford Falls could have easily gone off the rails, feeling forced or silly or repetitive, but it's none of those things. It feels organic and believable and honest.

    Capra does an amazing job of accumulating these frustrations in a way that parallels how they appear to affect George, with all these big things (George's dad's passing, Harry taking the job with his father-in-law) being taken in stride and balanced by a sense of good (George carries on his dad's legacy and takes Potter down a peg, Harry is happy). But these things build and build to the point that when George snaps, we feel the weight of the accumulation as well, so that we're in step with George's madness to the point that even the small things (like the banister knob that always comes off) become greater annoyances.

    Truly a spectacular movie and one where every creative facet is beautifully in sync.
    Yes, people may say it's corny all they want. It's not, it's a truly profound study of happiness and unhappiness. And it's an absolute masterpiece. One of so many in the 1940s.

    Have you seen Meet John Doe, Aaron? It's really almost as good.
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    I agree with all of that! But no, I haven't seen Meet John Doe yet! I will make a point of seeking it out now for sure. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    A truly random thought... I was just looking at the imdb page for Maudie, and it seems like, under the release calendar, the promoters are listing every single Canadian cineplex etc where the film places separately???

    I've never seen a film do this... even when it showed here in Trail, B.C., which is home to 8,000 people, we got our own line on the list, lol? Are they trying to pad it? Like, guys, just say Canada (limited) April 14th and leave it at that, lol...
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