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Thread: Random Film News Thread - XXXIII

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    Anne is finally back in the game!

    I was missing her so bad!

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    Queen AnnE is back!

    Also happy that Rees is making more movies.
    "There's no hiding from this."

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    Dee Rees with several projects lined-up makes me so happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35rhums View Post
    Dee Rees with several projects lined-up makes me so happy

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    Is anyone familiar with the book? That does sound interesting.

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    In a desperate bid to outrun a violent pandemic, Andy and Kay have holed up on a houseboat with their one-year-old daughter, Rosie. Their protected river existence is shattered by a violent attack, which sees Kay tragically die and Andy infected. Left with only 48 hours before he transforms into one of the creatures they have fought so long to evade, Andy sets out on a precarious journey to find a new guardian for his child. A flourishing Aboriginal tribe are Rosie's best chance of survival--but with their merciless attitude toward the afflicted, they also pose a grave threat. A young Indigenous girl becomes Andy's only chance of safe passage into this sacred community. But unfortunately the girl has no desire to return to her people--she is on a quest to cure her own infected father by returning his stolen soul. Each in their own way is seeking salvation... but they will need to work together if they hope to achieve it.

    Release Date:

    June 6, 2018 on netflix

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    A couple basketball trailers for NBA All-Star Weekend:


    Proud and Profane Productions

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