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Thread: Your favorite songs from your country

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    All of them are all time classics.

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    life goes on until the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by enthusiastic View Post


    after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
    When it comes to lyrics (yes, lyrics!), it's this. This is truly one of my favorite songs ever, in any language, and that's really all down to the lyrics.

    When it comes down to the music, it's this. Slightly different .
    I was expecting the Vengaboys!

    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyDarling View Post
    That whole concert is a masterpiece. My favourite Juanga is possibly Querida or La Diferencia but lmfao he was a genius.

    Mine, an Agustín Lara song which is actually about his imagining a Spanish city, also performed in Bellas Artes but by el Potrillo:

    And then there's Chavela.

    Some others I love: México Lindo y Querido, La Barca, Macorina, Cielo Rojo, El Rey.

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    Round 2 of the Barry Jenkins Saga:

    From Difficult screener to Inaccessible to Theoretically being Caroled in Best Picture to the Dolby Theatre

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    Quote Originally Posted by leothescorpio View Post

    YES represent our incredible and unique music!

    Personally, I love:

    This is just the South African half - I'll have the Portuguese half soon, I just to think about them
    Richard no longer taken for Granted

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    Just recently I found out, completely to my shock and surprise, that 'Around the World' by ATC was actually a cover of a Russian song by our band Ruki Vverkh! (a band I used to love as a kid). Great to see that they created something that then had such a huge life of its own. Here's their original version:

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