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Thread: The Romanoffs

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    I know it’s a teaser but even then it was anticlimactic and showed the disparity of the episodes too much. But still seeing it cause Izzy though also she had just one line unlike some lessers there.

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    This was way less "prestige tv" looking than I was expecting and that's a great thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by alias571 View Post

    00:31 is the part we all care about
    What kind of mess is this? Izzy

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    Looked like typical Mad Men promo to me Don't understand the overreaction.

    Legend Kathryn Hahn looked badass and so was Ms. Joan Holloway Harris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvy Singer View Post
    This looks... bad?
    The Romanoff Dynasty was always rather dubious so...

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    Let's hope they release a better trailer soon.

    Blunt Force

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    When I first read about this I thought for a minute it was gonna be a documentary kind of thing but when you see the list of actors it's pretty clear it isn't, which is why all the people complaining that they thought it was is kinda annoying

    Anyway I'm really interested in this mostly because I'm half Russian, but all those actors don't hurt, especially Izzy @MorganaleFey

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    Lol, I thought this serie was about the actual Romanovs, you know the extended Imperial Family. Some of the Grand Duchesses were so grand and cunty that they would have put the Dowager Countess to shame.

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