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ASC hits solid ground, while Annie Awards go for more slippery surface


It was a quiet week, but suddenly they come in droves….

Next to the Writers Guild of America today, the American Society of Cinematographers as well as ASIFA-Hollywood (that’s the animators) announced their winners for the year.

The cinematographers chose Gravity, in a not so unexpected move. Already highly acclaimed and the heavy favorite for the Oscar, this all but engraves its name on the Academy Award. Mexican helmer Emmanuel Lubezki looks to be on his way to collect his first win (on his sixth nomination) . The ASC also handed out their awards for television, which went to Game Of Thrones (for the episode Valar Dohaeris, in the One-hour Episodic Series category), Drunk History (for the episode Detroit, in the Half-hour Episodic Series category), and Killing Lincoln (in the TV movie/miniseries category).

Meanwhile, the animators went for Disney’s Frozen, also a hot favorite to win in the first week of March. It should be noted that winning the Annie doesn’t always lead to winning the big one (just look at last year), but the combination of its winning haul and the tremendous box-office success is probably too big to overcome for any of the other competitors. In the short subject category, the winner was Get A Horse! (also Disney), while The Croods was the other also-nominated-for-Oscar film that did well, taking home three awards from the many that this association gives out, though it should be noted that Frozen was the overall winner too, taking a total of four. Hayao Miyazaki’s sawn song The Wind Rises won the award for Best Writing.

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