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HUGE Batch of ‘Macbeth’ Pics and Posters of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard

It’s a good to be the king. Michael Fassbender attempts to slay the competition in ‘Macbeth’


Today brings us a massive collection of new pics from Macbeth featuring Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, David Thewlis and Paddy Consadine. But, with The Weinstein Company busy putting together campaigns for Carol (the clear #1) and The Hateful Eight, Macbeth (like another half dozen awards films on TWC’s slate this year) has sort of become the red-headed stepchild and been shunted off to The Weinstein Company’s speciality distributor Radius-TWC for a very late December release and then an Amazon Prime VOD debut two to three months after. That still puts it in the running for some tech Oscar nominations (costume design looks like a good bet) but you can probably count out Fassbender and Cotillard in the race if you haven’t already.

One has to wonder how Weinstein, who used to be the master of the Oscar season race has fumbled so hard the last few years. I think it’s mostly because Harvey makes a ton of cash grabs early in the year and ends up with too many movies to commit to, whether it be an awards push or a box office one or worse, both. He needs to remember how to reign it in and pick one or two things that TWC can focus their energy on. For someone that used to be so good at this I’m amazed he’s still making the same mistakes year after year. The sudden exits of execs like COO David Glasser have probably thrown the awards team a loop they haven’t been able to get around either.

Studiocanal still plans to mount a big awards campaign for the film and will release it in UK on October 2nd and in France on November 4th.

























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  1. This movie has epic written all over it. I would fly to London just to see this movie. – Simone

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