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Oscars: Full breakdown of speech length for 2018 Oscar winners

Mark Bridges, Costume Design winner for Phantom Thread, gave the shortest speech at the 90th Oscars – 52 seconds (photo: The Hollywood Reporter)

Earlier this week I detailed what it would take to get to a 3-hour Oscar telecast (and why I think they shouldn’t do it) that included a full time breakdown of last year’s show. Today, as an accompaniment, is the breakdown of last year’s Oscar speeches (once again, tabulated by AW forum member Vector) by category from longest to shortest.

With the 91st Oscars producers demanding no more than 90 seconds from announcement to end of speech, we found that only 29% of last year’s speeches fell under that strict time constraint. 17 categories went over that mark, some significantly, some by just a bit.

This breakdown details the time periods of the announcement of the winner to the stage, the duration of the speech and the total amount of time combined. Check out the stats below.

AwardWinner AnnouncedSpeech DurationTotal Time
1. Best Actor33s178s211s
2. Best Actress28s138s166s
3. Best Picture50s110s160s
4. Best Adapted Screenplay50s95s145s
5. Best Animated Feature40s88s128s
6. Best Live Action Short 38s81s119s
7. Best Sound Mixing48s68s116s
8. Best Director31s84s115s
9. Best Supporting Actor22s88s110s
10. Best Editing38s 68s106s
10. Best Visual Effects 40s66s106s
10. Best Documentary41s65s106s
13. Best Supporting Actress30s75s105s
13. Best Production Design45s60s105s
15. Best Original Screenplay30s71s101s
16. Best Animated Short36s58s94s
17. Best Original Song27s66s93s
18. Best Documentary Short38s51s89s
19. Best Makeup37s46s83s
20. Best Original Score27s55s82s
21. Best Foreign Language Film29s52s81s
22. Best Cinematography27s53s80s
23. Best Sound Editing33s45s78s
24. Best Costume Design20s32s52s

Average time needed to start the speech: 34.9s
Average time needed for the speech: 74.7s
The combined average time: 109.6s

The number of categories that were below 90s: 7
Shortest speech: Best Costume Design (Mark Bridges): 52s
The number of categories that were above 90s: 17
Longest speech: Best Actor (Gary Oldman): 211s

The amount of time the Oscars can save if all the categories finished in 90 seconds: 9 minutes and 16 seconds.

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