Sun. May 31st, 2020

AwardsWatch and Cinemalogue to partner on 43rd Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) coverage

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SAN FRANCISCO – Erik Anderson, Founder and Owner of AwardsWatch, and Rubin Safaya, Executive Editor of Cinemalogue, are excited to announce a partnership in coverage of the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival.

In the coming weeks, pre-festival editorials and podcasts on the official selections, their filmmakers, and awards prospects, will be covered together by both sites. A key highlight of the coverage will be on the festival’s inclusion of women, minorities and LGBTQ films and filmmakers.

This collaboration will continue as both Cinemalogue and AwardsWatch will be at TIFF giving you reviews, editorials, and on-site podcasts live from the festival in downtown Toronto.

The 43rd Toronto International Film Festival runs September 6-16. You can find our initial coverage and announcements here and here.

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