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Here you’ll find all TV and TV awards related news.

2014 Emmy Rule Changes Announced: Minis and Movies Split Again

When the Television Academy announced in 2011 that they were going to merge the Made for TV Movie and Miniseries categories, it had many of us scratching our heads. Not only are both categories in full bloom of possibilities for competition, networks are freely embracing the new ‘anthology’ of shows like American Horror Story and True Detective. Thankfully, a movement …

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WGA Winners: Her and Captain Phillips Win as Hustle and Wolf Tumble

Spike Jonze’s Her beat out David O. Russell’s American Hustle for the Writers Guild’s highest honor for original screenplays and set itself up for a potential upset on Oscar night. Hustle was seen as the favorite here but its loss tonight and its no-show in the PGA tie is showing the film is a distant third in the Oscar race, …

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Breaking Bad and the increasing tyranny of the drama pantheon

On Sunday, the Breaking Bad finale aired. I mostly liked it a hell of a lot, though I thought Walt’s revenge gambit was too heavily weighted in his favor, rendering the episode more morally simplistic than I had come to expect from the show. Opinions! The internet also had Breaking Bad opinions, and opinions on the very nature and expression of Breaking Bad opinions, and opinions …

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TV news

Here you will be able to read all TV news, especially the news that deals with the run up to the medium’s most  important awards: the Emmys.

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