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Makeup & Hairstyling

FINAL 2019 Oscar Predictions: MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING

Vice (Annapurna) BAFTA may have gone for The Favourite but that film isn’t nominated for the Oscar. Of the three films that are (why are there still only three nominees here?), Vice has the most makeup, wins at Critics’ Choice and MUAH but most of all, it’s the only Best Picture nominee. That all but locks it here and it’s …

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2019 Oscar Predictions: MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING (February)

The Academy has has an odd history with this category. It’s bizarrely stuck at only three nominees when year to year shows there are more than enough contenders to flesh it out to five. Between traditional hairstyles of Victorian period pieces to elaborate fat suits and facial prosthetics, it remains a mystery that the Makeup & Hairstyling branch hasn’t made …

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Frontrunner Friday: Guilds start rolling in but the Oscar race is still open

Last weekend, the Screen Actors Guild gave us another piece of the prediction puzzle, with three actors securing their frontrunner status to near-locked while one blew the doors open on its race. Glenn Close (The Wife), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Mahershala Ali (Green Book) were already the leaders in their respective races but now with SAGs in their hands …

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2019 Oscar Winner Predictions

Oscar winner predictions for the 91st Academy Awards in all 24 categories are all right here. Follow this page and the links below over the next month for live predictions, updated in real time, following the buzz and precursors all leading up the big night at the Dolby – February 24, 2019. All predictions are from Erik Anderson, founder and …

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