Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

First Poster for Michael Keaton McDonald’s flick ‘The Founder’

The Founder, the new film from John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) which chronicles the rise of the McDonald’s fast food empire and its founder Ray Kroc, has a first poster to debut.

The Founder tells the true story of how Illinois salesman Ray Kroc met brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, operating a hamburger restaurant in southern California in the 1950s. Kroc subtly maneuvers himself into a position to take control of their company, which grows into one of the world’s best-known brands after he buys the chain for $2.7 million in 1961.

Academy Award nominee Michael Keaton (Birdman) stars as Kroc and the film also features Linda Cardellini, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman and Patrick Wilson. The script, from  Robert Siegel (The Wrestler), was on the 2014 Blacklist and has been described as “being akin to The Social Network and There Will Be Blood.”

The film is produced by FilmNation Entertainment and will be distributed by The Weinstein Company on August 5th, 2016.


[Updated 3/28 with a first look photo]:



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