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Thread: [AW INOCA 2017] Nominations Announcement 21:00 CET

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    Shape of Water getting a random Makeup nomination while shut out of every other tech category, lol? How close was Get Out in Picture/Director?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony_X View Post
    Now we continue with Best Cinematography

    Best Cinematography
    Blade Runner 2049
    Call Me By Your Name
    The Florida Project
    The Lost City Of Z
    no dunkirk?

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    I swore against voting for these after the Grand Budapest debacle, but i'm kinda sad because i probably would have pushed Columbus to a Best Picture nomination as i would have most likely placed it at #1. Same for Halley Lu Richardson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cscin4d View Post
    Really dissapointing to see Mudbound get snubbed in Cinematography over stuff that shouldn't have even broke the top 10 in the category,INOCA results feel like it has more Film stanning/coatalin'g noms then Oscar this year

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    Could we have the nominations posted on the first page or something so we don't have to leaf through the pages to find them?

    Edit: oops, sorry, didn't see the separate thread.

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