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Thread: Cate Blanchett To Star In ‘Mrs. America’ Limited Series Ordered By FX

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    I'n hoping the best for this because I was excited last time she was supposed to come to tv in the project written by Julie Delpy that never ended up happening.

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    She wants the EGOT.

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    julia (homecoming 2) vs cate in 2020 emmy. loveit

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    Of course she’s playing Schlafly lol.

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    So I guess she's decided she's ready for her Emmy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by desirelines View Post
    julia (homecoming 2) vs cate in 2020 emmy. loveit
    Different categories, I think. Julia is Drama, Cate will be Miniseries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazilianmovies View Post
    She can keep this. Over her.
    Yet, we know you are going to be the one that will be most excited once this premieres. Never change, Braz.

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    El Diablo can't stand Dame Naomi enormous spotlight today, so she grabbed the first thing available and made sure her publicist got to work.

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