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Thread: NGNG Predictions 2018/19

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    1. Yalitza, Toni & Viola in best actress & Gaga snubbed.
    2. Dafoe in best actor.
    3. De Tavira in best supporting actress.
    That's for now.
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    - Pawlikowski in Director
    - Kulig in Actress

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    Gaga snubbed, Collette or Davis gets in.
    Pawlikowski and Granik makes it in BD.
    Green Book misses director and screenplay nom.
    Cold War to make it into best picture.

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    McCarthy Snubbed
    Collette nominated
    Davis nominated
    Driver snubbed for Rockwell
    Coogler and Heller nominated over Lanthimos, McKay, Farrelly, Jenkins in Director
    Can You Ever Forgive Me? gets nominated for Best Picture.
    Black Panther leads with the most nominations

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    Collette nominated
    Gaga snubbed
    Margot Robbie nominated

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    Death of Stalin in Adapted Screenplay

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    Emily Blunt with double nominations at lead and supporting.

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    Blunt for A Quiet Place nominated
    The Grinch for Animated Feature

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    Steven Yeun as a passion pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by tour de force View Post
    Steven Yeun as a passion pick

    I second that!

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