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View Poll Results: Vote for the TWO (2) greatest lead performances!

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  • Bette Davis, All About Eve (1950)

    54 68.35%
  • Holly Hunter, The Piano (1993)

    29 36.71%
  • Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven (2002)

    37 46.84%
  • Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose (2007)

    36 45.57%
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Thread: Oscar Idol S1/R8: Best Lead Performances

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dark Poet View Post
    La La Land can go to hell - it's crappy songs prevented me from submitting Izzy here
    As if she had a chance.
    I Will Not Be Ignored, Oscar!

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    "Audition" would have fared better.

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    ROUND 8 ELIMINATION MATCH: Iconic Oscar Speeches

    It came true!

    In this elimination match, our players have to select the best speech in the Oscar ceremony of the year they selected.

    They can select the speech for any award given during the night. Please source a clip as well.

    The public will judge the entiries based on how "iconic" or endearing the selected speech is.

    The bottom 2 of this round will be participating in this match. The player who loses this match will exit Oscar Idol.

    @Macca and @CitizenKian please submit your submissions to me with a corresponding video link.

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    Ooh i think this will be an easy option for the both of these contenders.

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    um...why are we doing this again? skuLd's Avatar
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    Holly @ the very bottom?
    @Alvy Singer's curse lives!!!

    that's what you get for not voting for NATALEGEND in the other poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by klariso View Post
    Ooh i think this will be an easy option for the both of these contenders.
    But I think after this poll it's clear what'll win.

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