Been meaning to launch this thread the last week or so, finally found an excuse with Kristen Schaal basically playing the Rufus-type role for this forever-development-hell/rumored sequel that's finally happening, with middle age dolts Bill & Ted still haven't written the song that'll save the world. I mean I remember as a wee wee lad when BOGUS JOURNEY (better than EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, right?) came out and Alex Winter/Keanu were doing press on some Saturday morning kid-oriented talk show (I don't remember the name) where they were asked about a Bill & Ted 3 and they said they'll do it after taking a break. I mean if 29 years count as a break, they weren't lion.

I think those comedies still hold up well, silly as they were but they had some wit to them. (BOGUS JOURNEY is also visually ambitious, which is something you never hear sequels to hit comedies described as.) I think FACE THE MUSIC has good luck with the current "Keanusance" we're currently seeing where JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3 seems to be one of the few recent blockbusters standing tall at the box office against the Marvel/Disney conglomerate. A lot of folks call it a comeback for him, but considering his longevity at the movies (remember EXCELLENT ADVENTURE came out 30 years ago) and still finding his way as a star regardless of how people think of his acting*, I think its less that and more he's become an icon of sorts. (Seriously my S.O. is 8 or so years younger than me, and she adores him.)

*=Maybe its just me but criticism of him seems to have softened up, not as bad as it used to be? Perhaps its just a generational thing, the old guard who compared Keanu to a pretty plank of wood with legs being replaced by the newer vanguard who grew up with Keanu and thus less negative/more appreciative? Food for thought.