Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Mill Valley Film Festival 40: Mind the Gap – Women in Film and Tech

One of the great things about the Mill Valley Film Festival has been its Gender Equality Initiative Mind the Gap. Now in its third year, Mind the Gap is a festival-wide celebration and call to action, focused on the intersection of women in film and tech, featuring films, panels, conversations and more.

In anticipation of MVFF’s 40th anniversary, the Festival committed to the goal of 40% female directors and female-driven storytelling across the whole spectrum of the Festival. This year the festival’s films feature 44% women directors across the spectrum of feature film and short films.

The Mind the Gap Summit is a full day affair full of presentations, discussions and master classes and includes a deep dive into the creative process with director Catherine Hardwicke, a panel with the incredible team behind the film Mudbound, and presentations by the filmmakers of recent top female-driven movies. Examining the intersections between film and tech and what each can learn from the other, this is an amazing opportunity to engage, connect—and be inspired.

MIND THE GAP SUMMIT Saturday, October 7th, 10:00am – 6:00pm, Outdoor Art Club
Achieving Gender Parity in Film and TechSee for a complete list and schedule. Registration is available for a morning session, afternoon session, or the full day at

Mind The Gap Features

After the War (Italy, narrative, dir. Annarita Zambrano)
Bill Frisell, A Portrait (US, documentary, dir. Emma Franz)
Ciao Ciao (France, narrative, dir. Song Chuan)
City of Joy (US, documentary, dir. Madeleine Gavin)
The Corridor (US, documentary, dirs. Annelise Wunderlich and Richard O’Connell)
The Desert Bride (Argentina, narrative feature, dirs. Cecilia Atan and Valeria Pivato)
The Divine Order (Switzerland, narrative, dir. Petra Volpe)

Faces, Places (Agnès Varda)

Faces, Places (France, documentary, dir. Agnès Varda)
Félicité (France, narrative, dir. Alain Gomis)
I Still Hide to Smoke (France, narrative, dir. Rayhana Obermeyer)
In Syria (Belgium, narrative, dir. Philippe Van Leeuw)
The Inland Road (New Zealand, narrative, dir. Jackie Van Beek)
In The Fade (Germany, narrative, dir. Faith Akin)
Jaha’s Promise (Ireland, documentary, dirs. Patrick Farelly and Kate O’Callaghan)
Jane (US, documentary dir. Brett Morgan)
Just One Drop (US, documentary, dir. Laurel Chiten)
Kim Swims  (US, documentary, dir. Kate Webber)
The Last Animals (US, documentary, dir. Kate Brooks)
The Last Pig (US, documentary, dir. Allison Argo)
The Light of the Moon (US, narrative, dir. Jessica M. Thompson)
Liyana (Swaziland, narrative, dirs. Aaron Kopp and Amanda Kopp)
The Long Shadow (US, documentary, dir. Frances Causey)
Los Perros (Chile, narrative, dir. Marcela Said)
Loving Vincent (UK, narrative dirs. Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman)
Mankiller (US, documentary, dir. Valerie Red-Horse Mohl)
Mary Janes: The Women of Weed (US, documentary, dir. Windy Borman)
Metamorphosis: Junior Year (US, narrative, dir. Elysium Bandini Studios)
Moana (US, narrative animated, dirs. John Musker and Ron Clements)
Mr. Roosevelt (US, narrative, dir. Noel Wells)

Mudbound (Dee Rees)

Mudbound (US, narrative, dir. Dee Rees)
My Happy Family (Germany, narrative, dirs. Nana Ekvtimishvli and Simon Gross)
Not Alone (US, narrative, dir. Jacqueline Monetta and Kiki Goshay)
Nothingwood (France, documentary, dir. Sonia Kronlund)
On the Beach at Night Alone (South Korea, narrative, dir. Hong Sangsoo)
One of Us (US, documentary, dirs. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady)
Owls & Mice (Netherlands, narrative, dir. Simone van Dusseldorp)
Porcupine Lake (Canada, narrative, dir. Ingrid Veninger)
Radiance (Japan, narrative, dir. Naomi Kawase)
The Relationtrip (US, narrative, dirs. Renée Felice Smith and C.A. Gabriel)
A Sibling Mystery (US, narrative , dirs. Rachel Wortell and Dan Erickson)
Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone (US, experimental, dirs. Rachel Wolther and Alex H. Fischer)
Spoor (Poland, narrative, dir. Agnieszka Holland)
Strange Birds (France, narrative, dir. Elise Girard)
Summer 1993 (Spain, narrative, dir. Carla Simón)
Thelma (Norway, narrative, dir. Carla Simón)
Tip of My Tongue (US, narrative, dir. Joachim Trier)
Vazante (Brazil, narrative, dir. Daniela Thomas)
Vitch (US, documentary, dir. Sigal Bujman)
Wendy (Germany, narrative, dir. Dagmar Seume)
Western  (Germany, narrative, dir. Valeska Grisebach)
Worst Case We Get Married (Canada, narrative dir. Léa Pool)
Yeva (Armenia, narrative, dir. Anahid Abad)

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