Mon. Jul 6th, 2020

Oscars: In newest change, Academy will extend voting privileges to talent agents

Looks like The Academy isn’t done making changes for future Oscars, as today the Board of Governors announced that talent agents will now be allowed to vote for the Oscars.

The Academy will reclassify 111 agents, who are currently listed as non-voting Associates, as Members-At-Large, who enjoy full voting privileges. The number is only about 1% of the total voting body, which hovers around 9000 right now. Last year, The Academy invited 842 new members to its ranks, half of whom were women and 29% of which were people of color. They have not revealed the list of newly invited members yet.

Oscars: Academy elects Ava DuVernay to Board of Governors; re-ups Whoopi Goldberg, increases women and people of color numbers

Currently, there are 17 branches, plus Members-at-Large and Associates, to those members of the industry that don’t fall under the specific branches such as actors, animators or sound designers.

Oscars: 93rd Academy Awards moved to April 25, 2021; eligibility period extended by two months

The last month saw sweeping Oscar changes come due to the coronavirus’ impact on the film industry, which has closed theaters for over three months. First, The Academy voted to allow streaming-only films to compete for the first time (as long as they were intended for theatrical release first) as well as changed requirements for viewing eligible films. Next came the announcement that the Oscars date, February 28, 2021, would move a full two months later to April 25th. That makes it the latest date for the Academy Awards in its history, save the very first which took place in early May (but covered two years). Beginning in 2021, for the 94th Academy Awards, the Best Picture nominees will go back to a solid 10 as they were in 2009 and 2010, the first two years of the expanded lineup.

Oscars will return to 10 Best Picture nominees, add representation and inclusion standards for eligibility

The Board of Governors also voted on new leaders which an increase of female Academy governors from 25 to 26, while people of color increased their numbers from 11 to 12, including the three governors-at-large.

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