Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

The Emmy Experts Predict Amy Schumer to Upset Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Lead Actress in a Comedy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks worried that Amy Schumer is here to snag  her Emmy crown
Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks worried that Amy Schumer might snag her Emmy crown


It’s a close race but The Emmy Experts are predicting an upset in Lead Actress in a Comedy with Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer) beating Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep. JLD has won this award three years in a row but Schumer’s had a banner year with the massive success of the third season of her show, a huge hit summer movie and now, co-writing a screenplay with Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence.

Julia Louis Dreyfus entered the episode “Election Night,” and JLD is an excellent, shrewd Emmy episode submitter. The episode, which the title reflects, centers around the presidential election outcome and Louis-Dreyfus gets a range of emotions on display from tearful honesty with Amy to a balls-out amazing rant against the electorate that is the stuff of Emmy dreams. It’s like the comedic version of Jeff Daniel’s Emmy-winning monologue in the first season of The Newsroom.

Schumer submitted “Cool With It” and features the Emmy-nominated song from that episode, “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup.” It’s a bit of a risky submission (and winner prediction) in that while it’s a good submission it’s probably not her best. “Babies and Bustiers” provided more LOL moments and the season premiere, “Last Fuckable Day” features the brilliantly dirty scatalogical song “Milk Milk Lemonade” and a spot-on parody of Friday Night Lights. The only problem is the opening of that episode features Schumer meeting her idols, including Patricia Arquette, Tina Fey and none other Julia Louis-Dreyfus. As good as that episode was it was probably the right decision for Schumer to not give her competition any more screentime.

So, after all that, why are we thinking Schumer can still defeat Louis-Dreyfus? Well, to three-peat in a row as Louis-Dreyfus has done is kind of rare and hasn’t happened in a while; Don Knots, Nancy Marchand, Tyne Daly, Michael J. Fox, Carol O’Connor and Doris Roberts have all done it. To four-peat is much harder, it’s only happened twice; John Larroquette won Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Night Court four years running, from 1985-1988 and Helen won Lead Actress in a Comedy for Mad About You from 1996-1999. So while there is precedent for it a JLD win, we expect Schumer’s huge year to keep going with her first Emmy win here.


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