Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

The Grammy Gods Members


Our Grammy Gods members are compiled of music enthusiasts and aficionados from the forums are run the gamut of musical and professional backgrounds as well as tastes and specialities in music genres. They will be predicting the top Grammy categories for nominees and winners with some special attention to categories outside of the top-line awards.

This year’s Grammy Gods members are:

Haley Anne

Haley was basically born and raised as a music lover, a writer, and someone with generally eclectic tastes. A classically trained opera singer, she recently got her Bachelors in Communications, Culture, and Public Affairs from Long Beach, after writing a very long screed on hypermasculinity in emo music. She was totally a member of the Black Parade in high school, and her favorite band is still Fall Out Boy. She is likely the worst possible person to organize all the music writing for the front page, but she’s gonna do her best, damn it. (Largo in the forums)


Zac Nuccio

Zac is a full-on Pop enthusiast residing in Brooklyn, New York currently working on producing various upcoming musical projects. He also has a side blog/tumblr/music-aggregator @ discowolf.com. He’s been practicing Britney Spears’ dance moves, or lack thereof, in the mirror since he was ten. (Corleone in the forums)


George Portades

George has been an avid music fan (particularly R&B music) since the mid 90s. Reading Billboard charts, Soundscan numbers, RIAA certifications, and looking up Grammy winning/nomination histories are things he really loves. He have a weakness for campaigning underrated/overlooked artists, albums, and songs. First single bought he bought himself: Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me.” First song he fell in love with (meaning, learning the artist and song title): Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams.” (coolinout1 in the forums)


Matthew Kelley Rand

Matthew is a 22-year-old entertainer based in New York City. Currently enrolled at NYU, Matthew considers himself a renaissance man while fully understanding that that makes him sound absurdly pretentious. When he’s not acting, singing, dancing, directing, writing, modeling, or searching for Skip-Its on eBay, Matthew is probably looking in the mirror or eating carbs. (You should know that he’s a recovering narcissist and loves pasta salad.) Matthew has always prided himself on having exceedingly eclectic taste in music, but in reality he just loves Britney Spears. A lot. (veritas in the forums)


Joaquim Caetano

Joaquim is 26 and from Brazil. He started following the Grammys in 2006 because he was obsessed with U2’s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Ever since, he’s been trying to guess who’ll fight for that little gramophone. He’s a music lover, charts obsessive and Top 40 radio connoisseur. (Brazilianmovies in the forums)


David Long

David Long lives in North Carolina and is probably younger than you. He apologizes for his terrible spelling. (dlong in the forums)


Federico Artico

Federico, or Fred, as he likes to be called, is 21 years old and he lives in a small town near Venice, Italy. Making predictions is his favorite thing to do and music is a big part of Fred. He’s loved music since he was very little (like 6/7) and he used to print the lyrics of his favorite songs to know them better. He also used to write down a Euro TOP20 weekly chart that aired on MTV and kept all those just to watch the songs changing positions on the chart (LOL). And his first love was.. BRITNEY! 1998 changed his life forever. He was (and still is) obsessed with her. (Fred in the forums)


Jeffery Berg

Jeffery Berg lives in NYC. He has watched the Grammy Awards since the early 90s and loves all kinds of music except Creed and Nickleback. He blogs about popular culture and various obsessions at jdbrecords (jdbrecords.blogspot.com). (MrJeffery in the forums)

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