Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Ten – “This Is Not For Tears”

After congressional hearings, scandals, and intrigue about the future of Waystar, the finale of Succession has arrived. Here are four takeaways from an intense finale.

4. It’s come down to this

Logan meets with Roman and his team

Roman has to break the news to Logan that the Turkish investors are not the answer to saving Waystar. Now someone is going to now take the fall for the scandal in cruises.

3. Intense discussions were certainly had

A tense atmosphere before dinner

Now that Logan has realized that someone is going to have to take the fall, a discussion was had as to who it might be. Everyone proceeds to give reasons for someone to take the fall. Logan thinks it should be him. Tom does seem like the obvious one due to his ties to cruises. However, it seems as if the winds are going in a different direction.

2. Shiv begs Logan to save Tom


Shiv (after Tom and she have a massive blowup) begs dad to save her husband which he agrees to do. In the end, Kendall is the choice but that decision ends up having shocking consequences.

1. Connor is being Connor

I just hope we see more of Connor is season 3. He really didn’t add to the suspense but his moments were sure funny as all out.

What did you think of the finale? Where do you think season 3 is headed? Make sure and comment to let us know.

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