Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

TV Recap: 'Watchmen' Season One Episode Seven – "An Almost Religious Awe"

For those who were in awe of the writing and execution of episode six, brace yourself for an episode which in many ways surpasses last weeks. While last week dealt with the origins of whitewashing the accomplishments of African Americans, episode seven dealt with Angela’s humble beginnings and how religion (which in this universe seems to be centered around Dr. Manhattan) is perceived. Up until now we only have seen part of the picture but now we truly know what this first season is really about.

5. Judd’s wife confirms what we already suspected

Detective Blake is too good at her job and manages to crack the case. Judd’s widow (played by the uber-talented Frances Fisher) is more than willing to give up the goods concerning the calvary and their intent which puts Blake now in harm’s way.

4. We get a bit more clarity on Adrian Veidt

Adrian is neither a good guy or a bad guy he just is who he is. I can’t really say he has the noblest of intentions. He is placed on trial for his crimes that he’s committed while in captivity and shares an interesting defense.

3. Angela knows something isn’t right

While it seems Lady Trieu is attempting to cure her of the nostalgia overdose, something isn’t adding up. She now knows her grandfather was Hooded Justice but what does that have to do with her. Perhaps the answer is in her past.

2. Vietnam has all the answers

We learn about the origins of Sister Knight and the trauma which lead her to be a cop. What we didn’t anticipate is learning the role of Dr. Manhattan and how he won the war for the United States. These paths seem to be two different ones heading in opposite directions. Boy, were we wrong.

1.Oh my!

The doctor is here!!!

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