Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

TV Recap: ‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode Three – “She Was Killed by Space Junk”

Just when we thought that Watchmen was starting to clear up who exactly were the villains and the heroes, episode 3 happens. While the dynamics of the show certainly changed this week, we did get a layer of the show peeled away and now we know the connection two main characters have to the shows rich past. One of those show’s greatest strengths is how they’ve been able to seamlessly connect this universe to the cinematic/graphic novel one. Here are three major takeaways from tonight’s episode

3. A Federal Agent With A Past … Yes, indeed.

We are introduced to Federal Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) who seems to have a talent for hunting down vigilantes. It also seems as if she has a bit of a past with one Dr. Manhattan. It seems things didn’t end well and that hate might be what’s driving her in this new career. Now she is sent to Tulsa (which seems to be the center of this superhero business) to investigate the death of Judd Crawford. Blake is making great progress but she can’t seem to get him out of her head. I just wonder if somehow Dr. Manhattan is destined to show up this season.

2. What Is He Up To?

We have now learned that the Lord of the Manor is none other than Adrian Veidt (someone who has a hero past of his own) who seems to have one singular purpose. As the episode moves forward we learn that he’s “imprisoned” at the manor and that he has a connection to Laurie Blake (and thus Dr. Manhattan). At different points, Veidt seems to be constructing a suit of some sort … but why?

1. Please Tell Me That He’s Our Villian!

If he ends up being the villain this season, fans are going to be thrilled.

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