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Gold Rush Gang Members 2015/2016

This year I’ve expanded the Gold Rush Gang to include a few former members and some new faces to add flavor and sass to the podcasts and to act as guest commentators since their participation has been invaluable. They are:

Richard would like to thank the Academy for recognizing Quvenzhané Wallis’ transcendent turn as Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild. He runs the poll series in the forums for the top 8 Oscar categories that appear on the main page. Although he placed 13th in the last Gold Rush, he’s been 7th and 4th in previous seasons and he has his sights set on snatching all wigs this year and sashaying away with the emerald and ruby encrusted crown. (with_one_voice in the forums)


denniskellyDENNIS KELLY

Dennis fell in love with film when he saw Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation in theaters. Instantly obsessed with the film’s Oscar prospects, he was crushed when it only won Original Screenplay (he still weeps for Bill Murray). Now he predicts awards so that will never happen again. That’s the theory, anyway. (guany in the forums)



vincent-smetanaVINCE SMETANA
Vince has been casually following Oscars since the 1980s. He has gotten more involved in the last five years, especially since becoming an active member of the AW community in 2013. A recent Sydney transplant after years in Los Angeles, his surname is Czech for sour cream. (Cinesnatch in the forums)

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