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MUSIC REVIEW: Madonna – ‘Rebel Heart’ (★★★½)

Madonna’s had a tough couple of months. Just before Christmas last year a handful of demos from her new album were leaked to the public and she and Interscope had to frantically release six finished tracks for an album that was three months from release. Then, in February, the entirety of the Super Deluxe version of the album, Rebel Heart, …

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Music Review: Perfume Genius – Too Bright

  A term I have never particularly cared for when it comes to discussing music is the term “grower”. Ideally, this term should be applied to artists whose music is almost so seamless that it takes multiple listens to really uncover the hidden layers and intricacies scattered throughout the album. More often than not, though, it’s used to apply to …

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MADONNA WEEK: Her #1 Songs, Ranked

From 1984 to 2000 Madonna racked up 12 #1 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. That puts her below Mariah Carey (18) and Rihanna (13, and just passed her this year) but one thing you can always say about Madonna’s #1’s is that they’re all her. No featured artists, duets or being a featured artist on someone else’s song to …

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MADONNA WEEK: Her Top 12 Videos, Ranked

How do you choose just 12 great Madonna videos and why 12? The rest of this Madonna series is going to be lists of 12 (12 albums, 12 #1 singles) so I must abide by it. Inevitably, fan favorites and even some of my own favorites will be left out so apologies ahead of time for anyone shocked, hurt, confused …

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MADONNA WEEK: Top 10 Hottest Lovers, Husbands and Flings

It’s Madonna Week on AwardsWatch! With the Queen of Pop celebrating her 56th birthday on August 16th, we’ll be counting down and charting everything from her relationships to videos to #1 singles, all leading up to a rated, reviewed and ranked chart of her 12 studio albums. Today we’re starting off with Madonna Top 10 Lovers, Husbands and Flings. Madge …

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AwardsWatch Weekly Music Roundup: Week of February 2, 2014

  What George Portades is listening to this week… Alice Smith, “Fool For You” I’m not sure if she recorded this song first, or if it really is a cover of the Grammy-winning single by Cee-Lo Green & Melanie Fiona, but there’s something to be said when another rendition of a song tops the original. I really adored her debut …

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AwardsWatch Weekly Music Roundup: Week of January 26, 2014

What George Portades is listening to this week… SWV f/A.X., “Show Off” It feels so good to see my girls SWV (Taj, Lelee & Coko aka Sisters With Voices if you didn’t remember!) back in the spotlight with some new tour dates and a brand new weTV reality series called “SWV Reunited” that just premiered. While there’s been a resurgence …

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AwardsWatch Weekly Music Roundup: Week of January 20, 2014

What George Portades is listening to this week… Joy Enriquez, “No One” It was wonderful to see Enriquez back in the limelight last year with her reality series “House of Joy” but it was even better for the fact that longtime fans were treated with some new music from her. “Tell Me How You Feel” is in my definitive list …

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AwardsWatch’s Best Music of 2013 – Staff Picks

We are onto a new year and this is the time for looking forward, making new year resolutions and plans and promises to oneself. But this is also a time to look back and reflect and here at AW we have asked our regular contributors and staff members to share the music that connected with them the most and that …

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