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Faith and Love Collide in the Trailer and Poster for ‘Disobedience’ starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams

Last fall we were pretty excited for the prospect of the Sebastián Leilo’s English-language debut Disobedience, starring Oscar winner Rachel Weisz and Oscar nominee Rachel McAdams, to make a play during Oscar season but it didn’t quite pan out. After it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival to strong reviews (especially for its cast), we waited to see who would ...

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2018 Oscar Predictions – THE SCREENPLAYS

Screenplay predictions can be a bit tricky this early on as we saw with this year’s Adapted Screenplay Oscar winner Moonlight, which won multiple Original Screenplay citations from critics as well as the Writers Guild of America but was deemed Adapted by the Academy deep into the Oscar season. Both screenplay categories are top-heavy with Best Picture material at the ...

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2018 Oscar Predictions – SUPPORTING ACTRESS (March)

As we’ve seen in this category before, a “supporting” actress can often be the co-lead to a male or female counterpart of the same film. The last two winners here, Viola Davis (Fences) and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl), as well as Rooney Mara (Carol), are proof positive that sometimes category fraud can march you right up to the Oscar ...

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