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Review: ‘Moonlight’ (★★★★)

Moonlight was the big winner with LA Film Critics, taking Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor and Cinematography

Like most people I love going to the movies to be entertained. But I also use movies as my portal to worlds I don’t know. I’m not a football fan, for example, but I love the movie Friday Night Lights. I love almost any good sports movie because it’s my ‘in’ to that world. At the same time I also ...

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ASC nominations, all seven of them. Wait, seven?


We are still working our way through interpreting today’s BAFTA nominations a bit, but there are more guilds announcing their nominations today, one of them being the American Society of Cinematographers. For some reason, they chose seven nomination this year. An odd number, but it does accommodate for all films that were expected here. Perhaps not expected, but nonetheless very ...

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