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53 Foreign Language Films to Compete for Golden Globes


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced today that 53 films will be competing for a nomination at the Golden Globes in the Foreign Language Film category. Unlike the Oscars, more than one film per country can qualify and be nominated. In order to qualify for foreign language consideration, a film must have at least 51% of its dialogue in a language other than English, it must be released in its country or countries (in case of co-production) of origin between Nov. 1, 2013, and Dec. 31, 2014, and it must have an official screening for HFPA voting members. Documentaries do not qualify for the category and foreign language entries are not eligible in the best musical or comedy or best drama categories. But the filmmakers – actors, directors, screenwriters and composers – can also compete in their respective categories.

The HFPA foreign language category rules allow American productions that are in languages other than English. From the list are the frontrunners for the Oscar counterpart; Sweden’s Force Majeure, Poland’s Ida, Russia’s Leviathan, Canada’s Mommy and Belgium’s Two Days, One Night. France and Mexico end up with multiple eligible films here, as do China and Canada.

The list:

1001 Grams (Norway)
*Beloved Sisters (Germany)
Brancusi From Eternity (Romania)
*Cantinflas (Mexico)
*Charlie’s Country (Australia)
Chinese Puzzle (France)
*The Circle (Switzerland)
The Continent (China)
Coming Home (China)
*Concrete Night (Finland)
*Corn Island (Georgia)
*The Dark Valley (Austria)
*The Dead Lands (New Zealand)
Dearest (China)
Die Vampirischwestern 2 (Germany)
*Difret (Ethiopia)
*Eyes of a Thief (Palestine)
Fandry (India)
*Force Majeure (Sweden)
Forgotten (Bolivia)
*Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Israel)
The Great Victory (Brazil)
The Grump (Finland)
*Human Capital (Italy)
*Ida (Poland/Denmark)
*Kurmanjan Datka Queen of the Mountains (Kyrgyzstan)
*Leviathan (Russia)
*Liar’s Dice (India)
*The Liberator (Venezuela)
*Mateo (Colombia)
Mea Culpa (France)
*Miss Violence (Greece)
*Mommy (Canada)
*Norte, the End of History (Philippines)
One Candle Two Candles (Kurdistan/USA)
The Raid 2 (Indonesia)
*Saint Laurent (France)
See Fog (South Korea)
Siddharth (Canada)
*Tangerines (Estonia)
*Timbuktu (Mauritania)
*To Kill a Man (Chile)
*Two Days, One Night (Belgium)
Uzumasa Limelight (Japan)
Venus in Fur (France)
*The Way He Looks (Brazil)
We Love You, You Bastard (France)
*White God (Hungary)
*Wild Tales (Argentina)
*Winter Sleep (Turkey)
Words With Gods (Mexico)
Work Weather Wife (Canada)
Yves Saint Laurent (France)

A * denotes a country’s official submission for the Foreign Language Film Oscar.

The Golden Globe nominations are revealed on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 and the awards show, hosted once again by Tina Fey and Amy Peohler, is Sunday, January 11, 2015.

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