Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Dan Levy (‘Schitt’s Creek’) may be on the way to a happy ending and make Emmy history

The auteur is having a moment at the Emmys—writing, directing and/or starring in a series is the new normal on the comedy side. While winning three Emmys is something that most people accomplish over a varying amount of years these individuals have turned it into the new goal. But, it’s an exclusive group of people that have accomplished winning three or more Emmys in the same year. Now, Dan Levy will attempt to join this rare group of people.

Dan Levy is nominated for Schitt’s Creek‘s final season in four categories: Comedy Series, Supporting Actor, Comedy Writing (for the episode: “Happy Ending”) and Comedy Directing (for the episode: “Happy Ending” shared with Andrew Cividino). 

Tina Fey kicked the trend off for 30 Rock in 2008, winning Comedy Series, Comedy Lead Actress and Comedy Writing (for the episode: “Cooter”).  While many, including Fey, would try to repeat, it wouldn’t happen again until 2018 when Amy Sherman-Palladino went 4-4 with the first season of her new series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, winning Comedy Series, Comedy Directing (for the episode: “Pilot”), Comedy Writing (for the episode: “Pilot”) and Music Supervision (for the episode: “Pilot” shared with Daniel Palladino and Robin Urdang). Sherman-Palladino is the only person currently to accomplish this feat without stepping in front of the camera. Last year, Phoebe Waller-Bridge won three Emmys for the second season of Fleabag: Comedy Series, Comedy Lead Actress, and Comedy Writing (for the episode: “Episode 2.1”). 

Schitt’s Creek went from cult-hilt to Emmy favorite for its final season receiving a whopping 15 nominations. It’s the only Comedy Series to be nominated for writing, directing and casting. After the British invasion last year, the Canadians of Schitt’s Creek look to attack from the north and are the favorites to win Comedy Series. 

Levy also appears to be in a good position to win Comedy Directing for the series finale “Happy Ending.” Based on recent trends your show must be nominated and you need to be the only nominee from your series—this leaves only one option, Schitt’s Creek. This would get Levy to two Emmy wins but not the rarefied three or even more exclusive four.

The next two are where things get complicated. For Levy to win Comedy Writing he’ll have to buck the recent trend of your series being nominated and being the only nominee from your series—but the Schitt’s Creek‘s “The Presidential Suite” (David West) is also nominated. Standing in his way is the only solo nominee from a nominated series “Whenever You’re Ready” (Michael Schur), the series finale from The Good Place. But helping Schitt’s Creek is another recent trend of winning the big three that Maisel and Fleabag accomplished—however they only had one nominee in both writing and directing those respective years.

Levy is one of eight nominees in Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. But the race will ultimately come down to himself and the reigning winner Tony Shalhoub for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Shalhoub is not to be underestimated as he’s won two SAG Awards for Male Actor in a Comedy Series—where they combine lead and supporting — taking down the two-time and reigning Emmy winner for Lead Comedy Actor Bill Hader (Barry) in the process. Shalhoub is an Emmy favorite and past-three time Lead Comedy Actor winner for Monk. Five years ago, the Emmys moved to a plurality vote and the Supporting races are where we’ve seen repeat winners. 

The silver-lining, should Dan Levy fall short, is that his father, co-creator and co-star Eugene Levy, is the favorite to win Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Johnny Rose. And what a wonderful gift to give to a parent that would be.

Dan Levy is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series (Schitt’s Creek), Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (for the series finale “Happy Ending,” shared with Andrew Cividino), Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series (for the episode “Happy Ending”) and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (for the episode “Happy Ending”).

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