Tue. May 26th, 2020

Director Cameo Wood wins Northern California Area Emmy Award

As a Northern California native and resident, I love it when I have an opportunity to highlight local talent that finds success within the industry, no matter how you define it, be it financial or awards-related.

Today, I want to recognize my friend Cameo Wood, who won a Northern California Area Emmy Award for her project Real Artists. This is the latest of many honors Wood has received for the film, which she also wrote and directed. In 2018 she was awarded an AT&T Film Award for Best Short by an Emerging Filmmaker by Academy Award-nominated director Ava DuVernay, and to date Real Artists has played in over 250 film festivals, winning over 50 awards. 

Real Artists is currently competing in Amazon Prime Video’s ALL VOICES FILM FESTIVAL. The digital short film festival celebrates underrepresented communities with entries from filmmakers in the U.S. from all backgrounds, where the creator or content represents the diversity of our world. Films with the most views advance to the finals, and Prime members can watch the film for FREE June 3rd-24th at

Real Artists is a science fiction story about a young woman (Tiffany Hines) who scores a dream job at an animation studio, only to learn all is not as she expects behind the curtain. It explores the idea of what it means to be a “real artist” in the age of artificial intelligence. The film was created with a majority female and minority cast and crew. 

“We felt it was the right time to take a hard look at the issues surrounding the future filmmaking, and what it may be like to collaborate with an AI. We’re envisioning a near future when it’s more efficient to have an artificial intelligence create a film and test it on a human audience.” 

Director Cameo Wood

Cameo Wood is currently in development on a feature film. She is also the co-founder of the newly created Coven Film Festival, which supports emerging women-identifying filmmakers.

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