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Interview: Tony Hale and Liza Lapira on Playing Fear and Disgust in Pixar’s ‘Inside Out 2’ [VIDEO]

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Pixar returns with a highly anticipated sequel to the Oscar-winning film Inside Out, introducing new characters such as Anxiety, Fear, and Disgust. During a recent press day, I had the opportunity to speak with Tony Hale (voicing Fear) and Liza Lapira (voicing Disgust) about their experiences joining Inside Out 2, especially as huge fans of the original movie.

Tony Hale, known for his Emmy-winning roles in Veep and Arrested Development, shared his initial apprehensions. “It was kind of daunting,” Hale admitted. “I just hope we do it justice,” he recalled thinking before starting the role.

Both actors expressed a strong connection to their characters. Liza Lapira, recognized for her roles in Crazy, Stupid, Love and the CBS series The Equalizer, reflected on her teenage years. “I related to all of them but especially this one (Disgust) because in terms of my teenage years, disgust was pretty much at the helm,” she said. “Everything was being criticized to protect me.”

Hale echoed this sentiment, acknowledging his affinity with Fear. “Lots of folders of fear to draw from in my life,” he said, humorously referencing his extensive personal experiences with the emotion.

They also shed light on the recording process. Hale mentioned that he was fortunate to record at Pixar, describing it as a more communal experience compared to his previous voice work.

Lapira, who recorded in a New York studio, shared a quirky aspect of her process. She explained that she would often play with her hair during recording sessions, imagining her character would label something as gross while distractedly playing with a strand of hair. “So, we would do what we would call a split ends take,” she recalled, quoting director Kelsey Mann, who is known for his work on The Good Dinosaur and Monsters University: “Wrap it up, wrap it down, and a split ends take,” Liza said.

Regarding the film’s impact, Hale expressed his hopes for audiences. “I hope that people walk away from the sequel with a little more compassion for their feelings,” he said. Reflecting on his own journey, he added, “I spent many years of my life pushing them away instead of embracing them and realized they are all here to help me. They aren’t against me.”

Watch Inside Out 2 when it releases only in theaters on June 14.

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