Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Watch Emma Thompson in new clip for ‘Late Night’

Emma Thompson as Katherine Newberry in Amazon Studios’ Late Night (Photo: Emily Aragones, Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

Amazon Studios has released a short clip of two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson from the upcoming Late Night, written by Mindy Kaling.

In the clip, Thompson, late-night television host Katherine Newberry (Thompson) is approached by one of her male writers asking for a raise since he’s added a new child to his brood.

It’s here that Thompson’s Newberry cuts him to the quick, deconstructing the system of male patriarchy in the workplace of the 1950s as it relates to his request in seconds.

Late Night hits theaters on June 7th. It is directed by Nisha Ganatra and also stars Mindy Kaling, Max Casella, Hugh Dancy, John Lithgow, Denis O’Hare, Reid Scott and Amy Ryan. Watch the clip “Teachable Way” below.


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