Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

We Need to Talk About Amy Adams’ Hair in Big Eyes


So, yeah. The first production stills from Tim Burton’s Big Eyes have surfaced and even though we had already seen Amy Adams’ wig in set photos, nothing could prepare me for the Sandra Dee/Doris Day biopic realness that she’s giving in this photo. And that’s not a good thing. For a film that has tripped and stumbled in first in its test screening and most recently in our forum Oscar polls, this photo is going to do it any favors. There’s something about Adams’ dead-eye stare that isn’t providing any insight to her Margaret Keane. Yes, I’m probably expecting too much from a single photo but Adams is a fantastic actress with 5 Oscar nominations in less than 10 years to her name. I’m just feeling emptiness from this.

There’s a bit more in the second still that arrived today, with Adams and Christoph Waltz:



Here I’m seeing anger, terror, sadness, disappointment all at once. It feels more evocative of what we’ll see and I want to see more as a result. Let’s hope a trailer is on its way soon to help suss this out.

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