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2018 Berlin Film Festival Review: ‘The Real Estate’

Synopsis: A Swedish woman returns to her home country after living 25 years abroad. She inherits a large building with an entire floor that’s occupied by residents without contracts. Angry cinema can sometimes be good cinema. That is, when the director channels a snarky, sour and urgent social commentary into a coherent, engaging story that stirs the pot, raises questions …

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2018 Berlin Film Festival Review: Benoît Jacquot’s ‘Eva’ starring Gaspard Ulliel and Isabelle Huppert is contrived and unconvincing

Synopsis: A playwright encounters a mysterious woman when he takes shelter in a chalet during a violent snowstorm. Benoît Jacquot’s EVA is a revenge thriller that neither sets out the revenge to be convincing nor thrills enough for the audience to stay invested in the story. Failing to balance dramatic and thriller tones, the film ends up as a confused story …

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2018 Berlin Film Festival Review: Christian Petzold’s ‘Transit’

Synopsis: When a man flees France after the Nazi invasion, he assumes the identity of a dead author whose papers he possesses. Stuck in Marseilles, he meets a young woman desperate to find her missing husband – the very man he’s impersonating. Global displacement and the current refugee crisis are at the center of Christian Petzold’s TRANSIT, an interesting, if not …

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2018 Berlin Film Festival Review: ‘The Heiresses’

Synopsis: Due to bank debts, an elderly woman’s long life companion gets sent to jail. She is then left to contemplate on her past and future. There comes a time when one starts to question their choices. But sometimes it takes a large loss to actually reach that point of questioning – and in other cases, a loss somewhere is …

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2018 Berlin Film Festival Review: ‘Isle of Dogs’

Synopsis: In Japan, after a wave of dog-flu hits the city’s dogs, they are all exiled to trash island. Meanwhile, one of the dog’s owners decides to rescue his now exiled dog and goes on a perilous journey to get him back. In one of his most ambitious films to date, Wes Anderson once again employs stop-motion animation to tell …

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2018 Oscars: Live-Action Shorts Reviews

The 2018 Oscar Nominated Short Films will be released in theaters on February 9th and On Demand February 27th before the Oscars on March 4th. Here are my reviews of the Live Action nominees. Click on the titles for the trailers to each film. DEKALB ELEMENTARY Country of origin: USA Language: English Directed by: Reed Van Dyk 21 minutes As we …

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