Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Emmy Experts

Not bad, not bad. Better than most Emmy predictors out there even. Our Emmy Experts (yours truly included) did predictions in all Drama, Comedy and TV Movie/Miniseries categories as well as Variety Series, Reality-Competition Series and Reality-Competition Host. Here are our results!

Nicole – 130 (77%) – WINNER
Chris – 128 (76%)
Erik – 126 (75%)
Peter – 126 (75%)
Federico – 124 (73%)
Jonathan – 121 (72%)

The totals are out of a possible 169 and it was a close call but Nicole is our winner!

Some fun facts:

-Only one to not predict Michael Sheen for Lead Actor-Drama (Masters of Sex)
-Only one to predict Dylan Baker in Guest Actor-Drama (The Good Wife)
-Only one to predict Kate Mara for Guest Actress-Drama (House of Cards)
-Only one to not predict “Pilot,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine in Directing-Comedy
-Only one to not predict June Squibb in Guest Actress-Comedy (Girls or Glee)

-Only one to predict Lizzy Caplan, and only one to go 6/6 in Actress-Drama
-Only one to predict Lena Headey for Supporting Actress-Drama (Game of Thrones)
-Only one to not predict Lisa Kudrow in Guest Actress-Drama (Scandal)
-Only one to predict Gary Cole in Guest Actor-Comedy (Veep)

-Only one to not predict Pedro Pascal in Guest Actor-Drama (Game of Thrones)
-Only one to predict Joe Morton in Guest Actor-Drama (Scandal)
-Only one to predict Margo Martindale in Guest Actress-Drama (The Americans)
-Only one to not predict Survivor in Reality-Competition and only one to get category 6/6

-only one to predict “Minimum Viable Product,” Silicon Valley in Directing-Comedy
-only one to not predict Sarah Baker in Guest Actress-Comedy (Louie)

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