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7 thoughts on “2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress – Streep Gets Lost in the Woods, is Kristen Stewart the Dark Horse?

  1. RP fans..bashing one person over and over is bad karma and doesn’t change a thing in your life or your idol’s. Try something new – spread some love. There is a life on the other side of the computer screen. Go live it. Do something to make the world a better place and you might have a whole new outlook on your own lives. ✌️

  2. Still Alice deserves recognition, it is a great story to tell. I’m so glad that the actresses involved are getting such acclaim.

  3. Kristen Stewart is extremely talented and she makes brave choices. I admire her for never compromising on who she is.

  4. Every
    time Rputtz fans comment, they reveal how ignorant, hateful and stupid they
    are. Every single time. No wonder they have the worst reputation in the world!!!!!

  5. It’s difficult for some to understand the appeal of Kristen Stewart, they are so used to the false perfection that Hollywood usually throws at us. Kristen Stewart’s appeal is that she is imperfect and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.

  6. Meryl Streep should get oscar nod for best actress and WIN IT!! Juliane Moore will not win it. I saw clips of Hillary Swank from the Homesman, that is one good acting!!!

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